Aussie Dragon Real Estate

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Company Profile

Company Strategy :

Aussie Dragon aims to manage your resources effectively. Resources require proper care and attention. A property resource is a high value investment and a place to call home.
Aussie Dragon is pleased to listen and offer advice or real practical and common sense solutions that will give you peace of mind and future direction.

Company History :

Aussie Dragon was established in 2013 as a business offering a fresh approach and reasonable cost to the business of real estate. Aussie Dragon believes in an open and friendly dialogue with customers so that a clear business relationship can be built on a firm foundation.

Area of Operation :

Aussie Dragon operates in the City of Melbourne and also to the West of Melbourne where there has been considerable development and investment in new homes and businesses. The dynamic market in the West has presented considerable opportunities for investment growth and offers an affordable and pleasing living environment with reasonable travelling times into the city, by train or car.

Rentals :

Aussie Dragon operates in an open and professional capacity, able to communicate with landlords and tenants, an awareness of future requirements and delivering practical solutions. Aussie Dragon takes particular care with rental applications ensuring that tenants are of reliable character and have proven responsibilities, previously taking care of properties and paying the rent on time.

Sales :

Aussie Dragon can sell your property effectively by using local sales knowledge, assessment and valuation research methods, experience in the property market and an understanding of customer requirements.

Investments :

Purchasing decisions require careful research in order to appreciate the timing and make the best of an opportunity. As an investor you need a strategy that suits your aspirations but also seriously considers some likely outcomes and alternatives along the way.